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For  All of Your Cyber Security Solutions

Allow Solid Rock Cyber Solutions to help you overcome IT Security challenges and improve organizational systems security posture in compliance with regulation or legislation, your policies and industry best practices. With the help of our in-house licensed and certified Cyber Security and privacy professionals, we’ve come up with services that let you solve and prevent security threats while pursuing business innovation.

We’re here to provide the Cybersecurity solution and assistance you need, from cloud solutions to training sessions. Explore the rest of the website to discover the many ways we can help you.

We Can help you achieve the right Security Posture and needed Compliance in best practice standards such as PCI DSS, SOC, ISO 27000, NIST CSF, Insurance Cyber Security and Privacy Legal Requirements. Contact us today!

A Glimpse of Our Services

Why Choose Us

  • We work with businesses to develop practical Incident response Plans with the right Incident Response Playbook to counter Ransomware and Phishing Attacks
  • We provide professional consulattaion on what Incident response Retainer your Business need where your team and technology capabilities  cannot contain or eradicate a successful cyber attack.
  • We  work with leading and capable Cyber Incident Response Vendors to deliver needed security forensic assessments, safeguards and countermeasure 
  • We help our people be well-versed in all aspects of IT.
  • Our Cyber Security team has numerous years of experience in providing technical and exceptional security services for customers across all sizes of business - small, medium or large.
  • We help companies to:
    •  design and review  Network Typologies  and Security Architecture
    • develop and Implement  the Cyber security Programs;
    • build an Information or Cyber Security framework, stratgey and road map for  implementing an enterprise security program including developing a current state model of policies and  practices;
    • Implement MFA for all employees accessing the companies networks and infrastructure.
  • We help the businesses in developing a security model and building a practical road map to achieve the future state.

Client Testimonials

I engaged SOLIDROCK CYBER  SOLUTIONS for the development and delivery of the cybersecurity training and awareness training  for the last two years.  I was thrilled that our organization achieved our annual Security Awareness Training targets for our employees for two consecutive years in a row - DRIK

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