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For  All of Your Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Security Training and Awareness

What is Security Awareness Training?

Security awareness training is a type of cyber security education that gives an organization’s end users the knowledge they need to protect confidential information from cyber criminals. In this case, the term “end users” can encompass both full- and part-time employees, freelance contractors, and any other individuals who share, store, edit, or access organizational data. 

Why is Security Awareness Training Needed?

Technology alone doesn’t provide your organization with foolproof protection from cyber attacks and data breaches. Security awareness training courses, programs, and campaigns help educate users and empower them to detect and avoid common cyber threats consistently. In short, a human-centric cyber security approach is the best defense against cyber criminals.

Security awareness training also cultivates a strong security-aware mindset and culture that prioritizes the protection of sensitive information. Once this mindset becomes second nature, security leaders can feel confident that their team can easily adapt to the ever-changing, complex world of cyber threats.