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Continous Monitoring and Awareness Campaign 

  • Emphasizing best practices and perpetual improvement in three related areas:
  • Regular Updates and Patching - Current and enhanced security technology at the most basic level means that all software updates are applied promptly. Data shows that most system attacks are successful because of known security blind spots or loopholes, which means that they are also avoidable in many cases with a relatively simple update.  It is critical to ensure that data and IT cyber-security extent to protect personal mobile devices and all connected medical devices across the organization.
  • Cyber-security training for staff - ensure understanding of the social engineering tactics like phishing, ransomware and spoofing that cyber-thieves use to circumvent the most robust system controls. Frequent and mandatory training guarantees that all employees know their role in data and IT security, keeps them up-to-date on common and emerging attack tactics, and knowing what and when to report to help the local IT team be aware of attempted breach points. 
  • Secure Access to Systems - Secured networks mean controlling system access so that every individual's role is mapped in relation to the data system, and no one has access to more than he or she needs to do their job effectively. 

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